13th International Conference & Exhibition on Green Flexible Printed Electronics Industry (ICEFPE23)

30 October – 1 November 2023, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece

The ICEFPE23 International Conference & Exhibition will bring together key industrial players, top-class scientists, engineers, end-users, entrepreneurs, farmers, investors, policy makers, politicians, and representatives from national, European, and international authorities to discuss, network, do business, and establish the strategy and policy in bringing the innovations and applications of Green FPEs to our life.

The discussed applications of this hundred-billion-euro industry expand to green energy, renewable energy resources, fuel cells, green hydrogen, energy autonomous systems, lighting, electronics and communications, automotive, electrical vehicles, buildings, smart cities, agriculture, intelligent packaging and security, healthcare, wearables, IoT, and other areas that contribute to a green, digital, decarbonized industry and circular economy, society, and planet.



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